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Welcome to Visual Plants

a scientific database for the visual determination of plants and, hopefully, for aesthetic pleasure.

With this site we want to introduce the database and program Visual Plants. We explain the usefulness, purpose and benefits of the program.

We present information about related projects, where Visual Plants is in use and a general overview about the upcoming scientific discipline Biodiversity Informatics.

Visual Plants is a system for biodiversity information which is not only based on images of herbarium specimen, but also on images of "green plants".

Visual Plants is available online.


With Visual Plants you have access to an image-based plant database, which serves as a helping tool for the determination of plants. You can use Visual Plants

╗  in the field on laptop computers 
╗  for the training of students before travelling in tropical regions.

The database contains records of digitized plant images, herbarium specimen and illustrations from plants of Kenya, Uganda, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Currently we have included 27100 images of

╗ 288 families
╗ 1855 genera
╗ 4215 species

Visual Plants © Copyright 2002

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We hope that you will enjoy the images from many photographers and researchers working in tropical rain forests.


Universidad TÚcnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador Universidad de Costa Rica, Sede de Occidente, Costa Rica

We like to thank all supporting institutions and a growing number of contributors to give us the chance to make Visual Plants a useful database for scientific purposes and for aesthetic pleasure.